Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County’s New Tool Helps Residents Find Work without the Stress

January is National Reaching Your Potential Month, and a new tool at Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County (Wilmington) is helping residents do just that. According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 19,000 Delaware residents are unemployed. In an effort to combat unemployment, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County launched Career Connection, a digital career services platform that supports job seekers through the process of securing employment.

Many people are looking for work to provide for themselves and their families, but the job search itself can be stressful. According to The Muse, a leading career and human resources platform, job hunting has become a very intense process that can cause a lot of stress and frustration. Career Connection addresses these issues head-on by providing templates, assessments and workshops for typical job search tasks, such as creating a résumé and cover letter, preparing for the interview and negotiating salary.

Delaware Labor Secretary Cerron Cade praised the local Goodwill for creating a tool that supports job seekers beyond just listing openings. Cade said that the new tool will “provide [job seekers] with the confidence necessary to apply for that top job and to nail that interview for that long-sought opportunity.”

Several public allies also gave their stamps of approval on Career Connection, noting that its features and impact have been well received by individuals looking for work. Terrance Bobb-Jones, an educator with Delaware’s Colonial School District, stated that he was impressed by Career Connection both for job seekers and those who may want to brush up their résumés or professional skills. While working in Career Connection, job seekers are building digital skills and gaining confidence in their ability to secure an interview and ultimately a good job.

“Career Connection has the potential to help job seekers of all levels land the jobs they are most likely to succeed in, thus propelling them to sustained labor-market attachment and career advancement,” said Colleen Morrone, president and CEO, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County. “With the addition of Career Connection to our portfolio of workforce development resources, we are poised to provide a wider array of career services, and serve a larger population of Delaware residents.“

For more than 95 years, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County’s mission has been to improve the quality of life for individuals with barriers to self-sufficiency through the power of work. Leah Coles, Director of Business and Community Development for Goodwill of Delaware & Delaware County, is spearheading an initiative to partner with the Delaware Department of Labor to make Career Connection accessible through state channels, and with non-profits and businesses to reach more job seekers and introduce Goodwill’s full portfolio of workforce development resources.

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Photo Credit: Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County.
Photo Credit: Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County.