Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas – and a Thrifty New Year

So Tuesday’s the big day. You’ve gathered the lists and checked them twice – if you had the time. And if so, lucky you!

But as you’ve probably learned by this time of the month, Christmas can get pricey – and quick. I’d be lying if I said I got everything under my tree this year at thrift stores, but I definitely tried hard to get as much as I could there. And while it’s easy to rush to the biggest box store and mindlessly fill a cart with stuff shipped here from thousands of miles away, thrifting for loved ones involves a little more patience, a little more time – but definitely not as much money or waste.

With our recent move, my husband and I finally have enough room to have a tree – the first time we have had one for five years! And to top it off, I’m hosting Christmas dinner for family. So not only were gifts on my Christmas thrift list this year, but decorations were as well.

Luckily this year, there was a three-day-long Goodwill pop-up shop in downtown DC to help me get the job done. I may or may not have gone all three days, but really –who’s counting? The festive Peace and Goodwill theme included lots of cool holiday decor and clothes fit for even the fanciest work parties.

Holiday dress found at DC Goodwill pop-up shop

I also did a little shopping at the DC Goodwill on my newly minted shopping holiday! Not only did I find a cool BAH HUMBUG tumbler perfect for Ed’s egg nog, and a big red bow for the door – but also some cute ceramic vases to decorate my holiday table and some cool gifts for friends!

Bah Humbug Christmas tumblers

You still have a few more days, folks. When you buy a perfect something for someone special at a Goodwill, you’re really doing a world of good. Soon we’ll all watch loved ones unwrap their treasures. And when they hold it up and gush about how much they love it, tell them proudly where you got it!