My Story: Becki Jones

Becki Jones

I first found out about Goodwill® around 1985, when I got a job at a Goodwill store in Ocala, FL. I worked there for half a year before moving back to Indiana. Within a few weeks of returning to Indiana, I got a job at the Goodwill BridgePointe Services store, where I worked until I got married in 1993.

I moved back to Florida in ‘93 to take care of my grandma, and the Goodwill store in Indiana even gave me a reference to get my job back at the Ocala Goodwill store in Florida. I worked there for half a year, then moved back to Indiana. I came back to work at the Clarksville store in Indiana on April 21, 1994, and have been there ever since.

My duties at Goodwill are working and hanging and grade, sorting clothing and sometimes doing wares. I have worked at Goodwill BridgePointe for 21 years altogether. I ride the bus back and forth to work every day. I like working at Goodwill with the other workers — I have always liked everyone I have worked with. I feel good that I have been able to keep a job this long.

I faced many challenges including a fire at my apartment in 2000, and the death of several family members over the next few years. Goodwill supported me during these hard times by helping me replace several of the items I lost in the fire, including furniture.

My faith has helped me get through each day along with the good Lord above to help me. When I’m not at work, I volunteer with my church to help prepare food, and visit nursing homes and people who cannot leave their homes.

I feel more independent having my job at Goodwill in BridgePointe. I don’t like to rely on other people, and I’m proud to be on my own.

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