Carollee “Carrie” Bethea

Carollee Bethea came to Triad Goodwill for our Jobs on the Outside (J.O.T.O.) program. The classes helped her learn how to break down barriers faced by ex-offenders so she could get hired.
“Before coming to Triad Goodwill, it was interview after interview after interview. I had no problem getting the interest of a potential employer, but I was unable to secure a position following the background check. Life was really frustrating. Despite having that blemish, J.O.T.O allowed me to get the skill set I needed to rebrand myself and get back into the work force. They helped me realize I could pursue the career of my choice,” said Carollee.
Carollee was hired as the Center Specialist at Triad Goodwill’s Burlington Career Center. She was just promoted to Assistant Career Center Coordinator. “Triad Goodwill has empowered me to share my personal story. In the past, I rarely spoke of my history. Goodwill has allowed me to tap into professional expertise I would not have imagined I would be using today. This is a clear example of why even with my past, dreams can still come true.”
“I’m so thankful that I took the opportunity to invest in Triad Goodwill. Not only did I get to know some awesome people, but they are people who are just like me. They are non-judgmental, yet push me to exceed and go beyond. I’m looking forward to my next career opportunity with Triad Goodwill!”
NOTE: As originally posted on Goodwill Industries of  Central North Carolina, Inc.