My Story – Cody Pacht

I have always been a hard worker, but it has been difficult for me to learn in the traditional paper-pencil way. It is a lot easier if I can see, touch and experience things. As a result, I have had to work a lot harder than others.

When I graduated from high school, I was excited about the next chapter of my life. But reality hit, and I did not know what to do next. I explored many job options like a massage therapist and fitness trainer, but was unsuccessful. I did not feel that I could do anything and started working with my father with very little direction for myself.

When I was told about Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado’s Pursuits program, I was intrigued. I researched it with my dad and eventually decided to apply. Even though I had problems with self-confidence, Goodwill helped me believe that I am a light in this world. Pursuits helped me gain the knowledge and experience I needed to prepare for a job and work with others. There were some things that I learned in high school that I really didn’t get, such as balancing a checkbook and balancing life. Pursuits helped those concepts sink in through experience instead of on paper.

I was excited and happy that I was able to get a job with Kuni Lexus before I graduated from Pursuits. I thought I was done with Goodwill and they would probably forget about me like a shadow, but I was wrong.

I saw my face on the side of trucks, in newspapers and even on water bottles, and I was invited to Goodwill’s celebrations. It was truly mind blowing for me! When I was asked to do an interview, I thought it was going to be small and quick, but when I saw the professional cameras, lights and microphone, I was so nervous. But I managed to find the words and answer the questions.

Now that I look back and see how far I have come and how much I have achieved, I realize that there is nothing out of my reach. Thanks to Pursuits, with hard work and honesty, I can be successful. I also gained the courage and the will to keep moving forward to many more successes for my future.

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