My Story: Dalton Henretta

Hi, my name is Dalton Henretta. I struggled a lot in high school. I was a troublemaker. I felt like the outcast and that I was misunderstood. When I was at school, I was stressed out; it was hard to be around so many people at once. It felt like I was the person everyone liked to pick on.

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s and bipolar disorder, my school helped me find a counselor at Community Mental Health (CMH) Services in 2010. I started at Goodwill Industries of West Michigan also in 2010.

When I first started at Goodwill, I did a lot of piecework and textile cutting. In December of 2010, I started in the e-books department part time. Now, I am working full time in e-books. I really enjoy working in the e-books department because I like what I do, it keeps me busy and I like the people I work with.

Working with CMH and Goodwill has taught me to give people more chances instead of just pushing people away. I truly know the meaning of “You have to give respect to get respect.”  Goodwill has helped me to be successful, and I can’t wait to have a successful job in the community.

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3 comments on “My Story: Dalton Henretta
  1. Dalton how have you been? Do you work in the Muskegon main office? I would like to stop by and see you.

  2. Dalton,

    I hope that you find work that fulfills you in your community, but even more, I hope you find the place in life that makes you feel safe and comfortable with who you are. All the best.

    Grand Rapids

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