My Story: Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson, who is deaf, previously owned a vending machine business in Alabama; however, business slowed down and he began losing money. He closed the business and moved to Marietta, GA, where he worked several jobs for short periods of time but could not maintain employment.

He was referred to Goodwill® through the Department of Labor’s Vocational Rehabilitation program, and entered Goodwill of North Georgia’s Community Work Adjustment Training program at a site that employed three staff proficient in sign language. Daniel completed the program and, with the help of an interpreter, successfully interviewed and landed a job.

Daniel signed his story to a Goodwill representative who transcribed his story below:

I enjoyed the program at Goodwill of North Georgia. It taught me hard work is important. Working with the other participants is wonderful. I always wanted a good job but couldn’t find one.

Goodwill trained me for my job at Recycletronics where I now work in inventory. I have been here for over one year and I love it.

I want to thank all of the Goodwill staff and even other participants for showing me I can do it. I am happy with Goodwill’s team work. They share their help and teach people like me different jobs. I smile and say thank you to the staff. God bless you.

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