My Story: Darrell Hughes

Before becoming involved with the Evansville, IN, Goodwill®, I was in the drug court program. It was very intense getting up for drug screens, going to meetings and making sure I was on time for every appointment.  I’ve got to admit it was very overwhelming and also a big challenge.

After about 90 days, I was told by my counselor about the Evansville Goodwill and some of their resources. I immediately contacted them and set up an appointment.  I can’t begin to tell you how nice the staff was and the compassion they showed.

I was told about a funded program called Access to Recovery (ATR) and, let me tell you, I was ecstatic about some of the things that the ATR program had to offer.  They helped me with things like my counseling sessions and bus tokens.  I was so grateful to have the opportunity to have some counseling from the staff at the Goodwill.

My life has changed tremendously since working with the Goodwill and Access to Recovery.  I have been clean and sober for 3 years and 5 months.  I can actually be myself and slowly find out what I can do and be.  My outlook on life is totally different now.  I have a paying job and a wonderful family.   I’m free.

I go to meetings, and I also talk to a lot of recovering alcoholics, which has helped me in my sobriety.  If you are willing to change and believe in yourself, there is help out there and many resources.  Take advantage of them!  My life was never a cake walk, but based on where I am today, I can handle just about anything.

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