My Story – David Majors


My journey started with handshakes and smiles from two ladies, Clarice and Diane. I was led into a room with just a table, chair and telephone. What I didn’t know was that the telephone was going to be the tool of my trade at Goodwill Industries of Tulsa (OK).

So what is the result of all these phone calls? Well, for one thing we met our quota for the month of September and then some. But is it really about numbers? No. It’s about helping people and changing lives that matters.

David Majors working in office,Having lunch with Diane, Paul and Greta every day was the high point of my day — there was always joy and laughter around the lunch table. But the biggest gift I received was knowing I made a difference in someone’s life — to hear the joy in a person’s voice when I told them, “Come in and get a $35 clothing voucher for your new job,” or to have someone stop by your desk and say, “thank you,” with a smile on their face.

I never can say thank you enough to the people at Goodwill® for showing me how to really care about someone else’s life. It was and always will be a positive and life changing part of my life.

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