My Story: Devin Williams

Before Goodwill®, I was addicted to drugs, an alcoholic and was serving seven years at a Virginia correctional institution. I attended a program at the facility where some employees from Goodwill Industries of the Valleys came and explained the program, the things that Goodwill offered.

Upon my release, the very next day I was in the Goodwill office, where I began the journey that led me to where I am today. They helped me put my résumé together, and they also paid for college courses at Virginia Western.

They also helped me by paying my salary and buying work boots that were required for my job as an intern. It was during my internship at Carvins Cove Nature Reserve that I began to realize that all the work I had put in for the last two years was coming to fulfillment.

Since Goodwill, I graduated from Mount Empire Community College with my associate’s degree in environmental science. The following Monday after graduation, I started a full-time job with the Western Virginia Water Authority and in the fall, I plan on attending Virginia Tech, where I will be pursuing a bachelor’s in civil and environmental engineering.

My parents are extremely proud; I’ve achieved things that I know a lot of people doubted that I could do. My son looks up to me. I’m proud to be a father, and I’m proud to be a son. With the help and the things that Goodwill did for me, I know they played a very big part in my success.

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