My Story: Dustin Broshar

I first started working with Garten Services through Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast Counties in December 2009 and am still working there. I have been a custodian and a driver since November 2010.

I have a few financial issues, so I ask the Goodwill prosperity planner for help. I received ideas and plans to help me budget for what I need and have leftover money for other needs.

I am also attending college at Lane Community College for automotive technology. Right now I am taking reading, writing and math to improve myself to college levels as a requirement for the degree.

The prosperity planner, Mark, helped me succeed by showing me what I can do for school and what resources are available for my disability, which is my hearing loss. I have many helps to succeed in classes such as note takers, extended times, extra breaks and the use of an FM microphone and receiver to help me hear better.

My job is going well and is treating me well too. I am working full-time with health benefits and holiday pay. I have been doing a lot of assignments such as delivering equipment and cleaning products to each site to do our job.

If it wasn’t for Goodwill and college, I would not have been a successful person.

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