My Story: Eun Hee Lee

Goodwill Korea is my first job. I have been working as a staff member on the sales floor since the opening of Sasang Store in Busan in April, 2010.

I came to know about Goodwill from a teacher at my church. I was a volunteer for the first six months. I learned how to work at Goodwill classifying donated goods, cleaning, packaging, storing, hanging clothes on a hanger, attaching price-tags, displaying goods and polishing furniture.

My job at Sasang Store includes things like ironing, hanging clothes on a hanger, guiding customers, cleaning, helping the furniture section and so on. I feel so good when I iron crumpled clothing to look straight like new clothes.

It is fun working here. When I see customers saying, “I hit the jackpot today!” and paying for the Goodwill goods with big smiles, I am happy for them. From now on, I hope more people donate to Goodwill so we have more goods to sell and our store will be full of more and more customers.

I also enjoy working at Goodwill with many friends who have similar conditions to mine, chatting and sometimes arguing with each other. We have a worship service every Wednesday with staff at the Hadan store in Busan.

I have a dream. I haven’t got on a plane, yet. I want to fly to America. I am very curious about Goodwill in America where Goodwill started first. Thank God I can work. I am so happy that I can work at Goodwill.

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