Francisco Arellano

Francisco Arellano came to Triad Goodwill’s Asheboro Career Center for our English as a Second Language class (ESL) and GED program. The free training helped him improve his English reading and comprehension skills. Unlike many ESL/GED students, Francisco always completed his “homework,” which helped him pass his GED test!
“Before coming here, I struggled at work every day. I needed an interpreter and there wasn’t always someone available to translate for me. This made learning and working harder for me,” said Francisco. In order to learn more English, I would listen to people tell stories and I kept trying hard to understand what they were saying.”
“The people and instructors are so nice at Triad Goodwill and I made many friends here. They are all good people!,” says Francisco. “My English is still not perfect, but I no longer need someone to translate for me at work! I understand English a lot better.”
If you are struggling to learn something and improve your life, Francisco has some words of wisdom. “The Language Arts part of the test was hard for me to learn, but I kept trying and trying until I passed. I did not give up! I studied hard every day, late at night, and I brought material home to help me study outside of the classroom. It may take a while, but if you continue to try, you can do anything. You will get through it!”
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NOTE: As originally posted on Goodwill Industries of  Central North Carolina, Inc.