My Story: Jesse McGirl

I have been with Arizona Goodwill for about five years. I have been in six different foster care homes. I was moved from my real parents when I was about nine years old because my parents weren’t real nice to me because I had a disability. I had ADHD, and it was hard for them to take care of me because I was hyper and not controlled at that time.

When I was older and in high school, I had better people and better teachers. I did a project program when I first started at Goodwill Industries of Northern Arizona called GoodWorks. It involved three weeks of training at the baler station, greeter station and hanging station, and custodian training – I hated cleaning bathrooms!


My ADHD made it hard for me — when I first started I was all over the place. I couldn’t stay focused. My medication now keeps me focused on tasks, keeps me focused when I’m doing my job, which is to greet people within 10 seconds. That’s a lot, but I’ve done it in 1 or 2 seconds! People think I’m a favorite now.

I’ve also done a lot of Special Olympics. I compete in track and field events. I went to nationals in 2006, and I placed third out of 56. That’s pretty good for a guy my age. I was only 22, and I was fast.

My track coach is 36 years old, and he’s been doing that since he was 22. I look up to him. My goal is to be a track coach and to teach kids ages 7-12.

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