My Story: Katlyn Napier

Before I came to Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, I had recently graduated from high school and I was trying to find a job but couldn’t. I’m a planner: I plan years and months ahead of time.

I felt frustrated because I always had this plan that I would get a job right away. Employers were looking for people with experience. Being fresh out of high school, the only experience I had was working at a day care, so it didn’t really work out as well as I planned.

I called my counselor that I had when I was in the job training program in high school and he connected me with the Goodwill training program. Before the program, I was very insecure and self-conscious. When I got into the program, I opened up and was very proud and happy.

Goodwill not only helped me get a job, but also find another one out of the program. I was happy about that. Now I am in college and going to work . In college, I really like media production technology, because I like designing like billboards, business cards and advertising.

I was told I would never even graduate middle school, but yet I graduated high school and I’m in college. Don’t ever let anybody bring you down. Anybody can succeed, no matter who you are.