My Story: Kris Jacques

I have cerebral palsy. I’ve been in a wheelchair since birth, and Goodwill Industries Essex-Kent-Lambton has been the only employer to give me a chance to prove to them that I can work. They do not look at my disability as a problem.

I have been working with Goodwill since March 2012 as a donor greeter. I have had a very uplifting experience since my interview. They try to find different solutions every day to help me succeed and help me get better at my job.

They have had to come up with lots of different innovations, and my job coach has also helped me with that, which has encouraged me to be even more successful. They have not looked at my barriers as a problem, but as a learning experience all parties involved

I have been able to prove myself to the donors as well as the management team, and I’ve been able to accomplish things such as owning my own house, having a job to get up to in the mornings, and having the opportunity to change people’s outlook on life who have barriers to employment, and change the way others look at people with barriers.

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