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Kylie inlineDuring my school years I remember being an easy target because I was picked on a lot by the other kids. It got harder and harder for me to go to school, but I finally finished high school in 2007.  I had no future plans and remained home with my family for the next three years. I spent most of that time on the computer playing games.

My mom and I talked and decided it was time to call and get some professional help. I got involved with Community Mental Health and they helped me create a personal plan to learn better social skills, think about my future plans and to make money.

When I came to Goodwill Industries of St. Clair County my life started to get better. I felt more comfortable and began making friends and receiving a steady paycheck.  I had good supervisors and great co-workers that helped me come out of my shell. I learned janitorial duties and how to assemble parts in a production workshop

Goodwill taught me how important it is to be on time, how to follow a schedule, how to get along with others and to improve my communication skills.

I was honored when my co-workers elected me to represent them in our monthly client delegate meetings. This was an opportunity to address everyday work concerns with Goodwill board members and staff. I felt like I was an important part here at Goodwill.

As my self-esteem increased, my counselor suggested Goodwill place me in a short-term work trial at a local grocery store to see if I was ready to work in the community. I was so happy that it went well.

Not long after, I was able to find work at a local grocery store in my community. I was hired part-time as a courtesy clerk; my duties are bagging groceries, back stocking and getting grocery carts. Presently I feel my life is so much fuller. I have higher self-esteem and now enjoy meeting new people.

At my job I receive a weekly paycheck. I have opened my own bank account, and am learning to budget my money. In my free time, I enjoy reading and shopping.

Because of Goodwill, I now feel confident about making future plans that I never dreamed of. I plan to get my driver’s license, go to college and study computers, and to live on my own.

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5 comments on “My Story – Kylie Corp
  1. What an encouraging story! Kylie has blossomed into a responsible young lady with the assistance of some wonderful organizations. She has a bright future ahead of her. I bet she is proud of herself. Great job for accepting the help and staying positive. Way to go Kylie!!!

  2. Kylie,
    I met you some years ago and always thought of you as an amazing girl. Lost contact with you for a while and Our Lord brought us back together again. I am so proud of what a wonderful young lady you have become. Everything is possible with the Grace of God! Always keep your head up high and don’t let anyone dictate any different! So happy for you and excited that your journey has begun! Keep stepping forward and reach out for them Goals! We are who makes a difference in this world! Xoxooxxo love Cheryl.

  3. This is an awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing it. And best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

  4. When I worked at Goodwill I started in the store and worked with Rose. It was fun and I learned a lot but then I got the chance to put the patrs together had some awesome supervisor I also was able to do some janitor work which was cool.

  5. When i worked with you kylie it was awesome you tought me a lot and i am glad i got to know you and i am gald you are my friend.

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