My Story: Laura Walling

I started working for Goodwill Industries International eight years ago.  After law school, I knew I wanted to work in government relations.  I moved to DC without a job and furnished my apartment with items from Goodwill®.
When I landed a job with the headquarters, I was ecstatic to work for a company with a mission I support and assumed I would become an expert in retail (I’m already a great shopper!) and workforce development.  Little did I know all of the other policy issues that affect Goodwill –  issues pertaining to people with criminal backgrounds, electronic waste, federal contracts, Pell Grants, and everything in between.
Laura Walling calls policymakers from Goodwill's leadership office
Many of the demographics of people Goodwill serves are within my own family including seniors, long-term unemployed and people with disabilities.
As Goodwill Industries International’s director of advocacy and legislative affairs, it’s my job to advocate on behalf of Goodwill and the people we serve.  While politics can be frustrating, I know our democracy works, and I’ve seen firsthand how the collective voice of Goodwill supporters can influence our policymakers.
I am honored to be one of our loudest voices.

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  1. Hi Ms. Walling
    I am trying to submit a resume for the new store located on 101A in Nashua,NH & I can’t find the job application for this process.
    Thank you for you help in this matter

  2. I grew up in a single parent home everything as s kid came from Goodwill I cannot lie I hated it as a kid since kids can be so mean. I think back and now realize as an active Team Leader with Goodwill what great things we do each and everyday to not only help those local but all over. I have great pride knowing that I have honor to work for such a wonderful company and cann ot wait to see where this journey with Goodwill will take my family and I.
    Kachina Childs
    Team Leader
    Goodwill Industries Central Indiana

  3. hello my name is jonathan harris, im looking for work. im mentally disable. im 44yrs old. can u help me get a job at goodwill? i live in haltom city, tx.

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