My Story: Liz Morris

Liz Morris's HeadshotIt was difficult to see. It was difficult to work. I lost my ability to drive. I lost my independence. The center of my pupil was going, and I finally learned it was an eye condition known as Occular Histoplasmosis. At first it was the right eye, then the left.

Liz Morris with her guide dogAfter accepting my new condition, I found a support group and learned to read braille. I learned to maneuver through my new world with a walking stick. I traveled to Columbus, OH, and received my first guide dog, Albert. In due time, I decided I wanted to go back to work.

I came to Goodwill of Northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne) following 10 years without employment, and joined their community employment program. A part-time receptionist position opened here at Goodwill, and I applied for and secured the position. Since then, I’ve worked my way up the ladder and am now a full-time assistant for the employment services department.

The job doesn’t come without obstacles. I use special technology in order to process the department’s records. Regardless, this is a job I truly enjoy.

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