My Story: Luis Miguel Soto

My name is Luis Miguel Soto, I am 24 years old and I have a musculoskeletal disability.  Before coming to Goodwill in Venezuela, I didn’t do anything at home. I was discouraged and felt like I couldn’t do anything.  I felt like I was useless and wanted something to do. I wanted to be able to be a useful person.

I decided to look for something to do and called Goodwill to see if they could give me an opportunity, and they did.  I arrived at Goodwill through contacts from local government offices. They called me three times, and I didn’t come until I decided I wanted to participate with Goodwill.  I was there for one year and seven months, and with God’s help they were able to help me find a job.

I am very thankful for what Goodwill has done for me, especially the instructors and students who were so valuable to me.  I reached my goal of working; I was able to find a stable job that helps me and other people move forward in their lives.

I work at the Grupo Venemergencia, which is an ambulance and paramedic service company.  My work is as an administrative assistant, and I’ve already been there for three months.  I was able to get this job because I trusted in Goodwill; their staff are the best people I have seen in my life.

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