My Story—Lupita Flores

In my last employment, I was employed for 13 years. When everything went bad, I lost my job. They closed the office that I was working for here. I was unemployed for almost two years. I couldn’t find anything, and I was kind of desperate.

I had never worked in a call center before, so I got curious as to what a call center was. Since I had never worked for a call center, somebody gave me a flier about the Ready to Learn program saying that was a training for that specifically. I figured I would go for that, and I did.

photo1I was glad to find out that it was not only call center training, it was customer service, which in my previous job I did a lot of that. Throughout my whole life, I have loved working with people. What really helped me was to update myself with computer skills and brush up on my customer service skills.

I got the job, and I was willing to start from wherever. I always try to encourage everybody to go to Ready to Learn. When you’re not working, when you haven’t been working, you feel negative. You feel down and everything. That brings you up and makes you feel good about yourself. That’s one of the things that makes you feel more confident about going out there and working in a call center or wherever you can work when you like working with people.