My Story: Mariam Bleuez

Mariam Bleuez 200After graduating in law, I left Morocco to join my Quebec-born husband in Montreal. Upon arrival, I had difficulty adapting to all the changes because I felt very isolated.

Alone at home, I decided to look for work only to be disappointed as doors were closed to me due to my lack of work experience in Quebec. My determination allowed me to land a job in a fast food restaurant, but I was unfulfilled. A colleague spoke to me about Goodwill Renaissance Montreal.

Thanks to my training as a sales clerk/sorter/cashier at Goodwill, I no longer feel alone. With the other participants and the team which accompanied us, we were like a big family. Little by little I came out of my shell. I received a lot of help, but what prepared me the most were the interview simulations and the role playing. I am proud to have followed this training. It helped me out a lot, both personally and professionally.

Today, I am a Decor Consultant at the Marché Du Store in Laval. It’s going really well. I completed the training and reached my goals. I look forward to the future serenely and I see myself growing within this enterprise. I work hard and am on the road towards what I want in life.