My Story: Melissa Ross

Melissa is a participant of Goodwill Industries of Houston’s Female Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program

I was a victim of an aggravated sexual assault in the first degree with a deadly weapon. I had a gun put to my head, tied up after being sexually assaulted and told I was never going home.

I decided to move from Henderson, TX, down to Houston. My family and I didn’t have anywhere to go, and stayed in a car that belonged to my mom. I didn’t want to put my daughter in that situation. My daughter deserved better, and I wasn’t providing it. You couldn’t get much lower than the situation we were in; we had already hit the bottom.

Goodwill Industries of Houston has brought me peace in my family and helped get my life back in order. Goodwill’s been my supporting rock that I needed. They have helped me find housing and clothing. I’ve now got medical coverage that I needed, and I’m more on my feet than I’ve ever been before.

Melissa is now a full-time employee and lives with her husband and baby in an apartment. She has future aspirations of attending college.

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