My Goodwill Story: Angela

Some people are destined for greatness. Two years ago, Angela might not have thought that about herself. She was involved with the court system and unsure what path to take. 

When talking to a friend, she heard about some of the services offered at Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Angela was particularly interested in LifeLaunch: Ignite. She enrolled in the program, looking for assistance with furthering her education and finding employment. 

Angela found what she needed at Goodwill, including bus passes, gas cards and even steel-toe boots. With things in order, she started her CDL training. 

Unfortunately, an unexpected health issue meant she could not complete the CDL training. That didn’t stop her, though. She worked with the program specialist to find an alternative path that would better suit her needs. 

It was identified that a skilled trade was a more viable option for Angela. She applied for the Trade Institute and was accepted. 

Now, she’s employed as a brick-layer and working to become a full-time carpenter. She’s even working part-time as a cleaner on the side. 

When asked about her time working with Goodwill, Angela said, “I’m thankful for Goodwill. It helped me… with transportation and helped me find my niche in life [and] showed me that I’m destined for greatness!”

Angela’s new-found confidence is something to be very proud of, and we’re excited to see what’s next for her. 

Contact your local Goodwill to learn more about similar programs available in your area.