My Goodwill Story: Ayanna Scott

The job search can be difficult for anyone; the pressure of an interview, the financial worry and even the process of finding the right fit are daunting. For some, that process is compounded by other struggles.

Ayanna was searching for a job and coming up empty-handed, partly because of her past involvement with justice. That’s when a friend of hers recommended that she reach out to Goodwill Industries of Kentucky (Louisville).

Career Search Support Services

After meeting with the resource center, she was connected to various programs to make her job search a little easier. That included job training, career coaching, financial literacy, digital literacy, career exploration and customer service training. While some of these programs were completed in person, Ayanna could also complete some of the work remotely, which made things more convenient for her.

Finding a Passion

Along with the services provided, Ayanna explored different career choices that fit her personality and interests. She earned two different industry-recognized credentials and discovered a passion for flooring.

With this new insight and training, she was able to find a job with a flooring company. The job was the right fit for Ayanna and provided her with pay that encouraged her financial independence.

When reflecting on her journey with Goodwill, Ayanna said that she drew inspiration from this quote: “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”

If you or someone you know are struggling with the job search or wanting to advance in your career, connect with your local Goodwill career center.

Ayanna Scott