My Goodwill Story: Troy

Troy was looking for something new. He worked as a security guard for the past 15 years but craved a new beginning. 

While trying to find new positions, he felt that living in Southern Texas and not speaking Spanish disadvantaged him. He also knew that a new career would mean some additional education that he couldn’t afford. 

One day, while chatting with the Veterans Affairs office, Troy shared his concerns and his dream of finding an information technology (IT) job. That’s when he heard about Goodwill Industries of South Texas and its Goodwill Veterans Services program. 

This program offered the IT training he needed and allowed Troy to start to build up a respectable portfolio.

First, Troy started with general digital skills training done in person, and then he moved into a more specialized certificate called the Google IT Support Professional Certificate done remotely. This training, offered by Google and housed on Coursera, gives Troy the qualifications that he needs to start applying for more jobs in the IT field. 

The courses have helped him learn the basics needed to embrace a new career path. While he works to finish the program, Troy is happy to be one step closer to his desired career. 

When asked about his experience, Troy said, “The Google IT Support Professional Certificate will make for a good foundation and will help me to begin a new career journey.”

At Goodwill®, we’re honored to support veterans as they learn and grow in their careers. Happy Veterans Day to all who served.