My Story: Miika Montonen

I have found my career after many turns, and I have worked at Goodwill Hamina in Finland for a while now.

At first, I studied IT in vocational school, but after graduating, I couldn’t find a job in that field. After that, I was unemployed. I worked on some short-term contracts and continued my studies.

In 2011, I worked for the Sotek-säätiö Foundation doing assembly work. With some help from Sotek, I got a summer job at a local furniture shop. When the summer was over, I started studying metallurgy, but it didn’t meet my expectations. Being in school brought up some bad memories and I had anxiety again. I was bullied from elementary school to military service. After the next period of unemployment, I came to work for Sotek-säätiö Foundation again, this time in the car repair department. It didn’t feel like a good fit, so I had a chat with my personal counselor. Since I liked my job at the furniture shops warehouse, I wanted to try working in Goodwill store. Sotek offered me a job there, and now I’m working in a field that suits me.

At Goodwill Hamina I drive a donations pick-up car, as well as shelve and price products. I get to do many things. Personally, I feel that I’m better in warehouse tasks than in customer service.

I feel a lot better mentally now than when I was unemployed. The sleep pattern and social relations come naturally when I have a job. Sotek paid for my professional driving certificate and gave me some personal support on my anxiety. Positive feedback from work has uplifted my confidence.

The next step for me is to work with Sotek-säätiö Foundation to get help improving my résumé and finding a job in the open labor market.

Update: Since writing his story, Miika has found a position in the competitive labor market.