My Story: Patrick Curtis

This past year has been one of transition for Patrick Curtis. After working for his family business for nearly 10 years, he discovered Goodwill’s Careers in Technology (CiT) program in the fall of 2019. At that time, he viewed a Goodwill® mission moment that was shared at a board of directors meeting for the YMCA Express at Gainsboro. Not only did the mission moment spark Patrick’s interest, but it also provided him with the realization that he could have the opportunity to work where his passion lies — in information technology.

Without hesitation, Patrick visited Goodwill Industries of the Valleys (Roanoke, VA) the next morning to inquire about the program. He quickly applied and was accepted into the CiT program. While pursuing a degree from Virginia Western in business administration, Patrick was able to complete the CiT program through night courses. The flexibility, cost and quality experience demonstrated in the classes ignited his passion for IT even further. He completed the CiT program in October 2019 and graduated with his business degree in May 2020. He then passed his CompTIA A+ certification and was offered a helpdesk technician position at the Bank of Botetourt on the same day.

Even through the transition from a family business that lasted 67 years, the loss of his father in December 2019 and being in a major car accident in May 2020, Patrick has persevered. He achieved all of his goals with sheer determination and with the continued support of Goodwill.

Patrick says Goodwill provided exemplary resources for him to succeed in the IT field, such as résumé-building workshops, virtual job fairs, interview preparation tips and much more. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Patrick continued to use Goodwill services virtually, and he obtained one-on-one test preparation assistance via virtual conferencing software. He is thrilled to be working in his chosen field today.