My Story: Tremontenia Morgan

My name is Ms. Tremontenia Morgan, and I was 59 years old when I started my enrollment in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) in February 2016, which is managed and administrated in South Carolina by Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina.

I walked through the doors with a high school education, limited computer proficiency, and often could be quiet and reserved. I always knew I had a passionate spirit and love to help others, but I needed assistance on becoming more engaging with the general public in a workforce setting.

Goodwill set me up with a training assignment with the American Red Cross – Fort Jackson, assisting our military and their families in times of need as a front desk customer service specialist. During this crucial training, I was able to obtain important computer proficiency and increase my general public engagement skills.

After being singled out for going the extra mile for our military families, the host agency gave me additional responsibilities. I started providing orientation to new American Red Cross team members to ensure optimal customer service was achieved. I even guided and trained many new volunteers, which also strengthened my customer service skills, and gave me the empowerment to find future employment. While training with the American Red Cross – Fort Jackson, I was honored to be nominated for the “Helping Hands” award from the Commanding General based on my kindness, sensitivity and commitment to service.

As far back as I can remember, my dream was to be an African dance instructor. During my time at Goodwill, I felt discouraged of the real possibility I would never fulfill my dream of having a job that allowed me to teach African dance. I felt with such a unique goal, it would be difficult for Goodwill SCSEP to help me achieve my lifelong dream.

The Goodwill service coordinator worked with me and assigned me to specific trainings that would give me exposure to the local community. Goodwill worked diligently to increase my confidence, and helped me gain additional skills, which empowered me to network with others throughout the community.

As a result, I was blessed to be able to meet the president of a local nonprofit who offered me a job as an African dance instructor, traveling to local schools to teach students. With Goodwill and their leadership managing SCSEP, I found my dream job — and that job had an hourly salary of $37.50!

I am a teacher of African dance, and proof that dreams can come true.

Thank you Goodwill!