My Story: Ulrica Plummer

Trials and tribulations are no stranger to Ulrica Plummer, but she uses those experiences to help others persevere and reach their goals at Goodwill.
In 2006 Hurricane Katrina was a turbulent time for many including the Plummer family. Fleeing the storm, Ulrica, her husband, and young son were forced to leave their home, possessions and vehicles behind in New Orleans. Seeking help, they ended up in Shreveport and finally in North Texas. After getting settled and starting their life again, tragedy struck once more when their apartment caught on fire. They lost everything.
Fast forward to a few months later after having to find a home once again, Ulrica found Goodwill. “I saw a flyer and found that Goodwill offered an Administrative Assistant course.” It was just the thing she needed to get her family back on their feet. Ulrica completed the course offered at Goodwill Fort Worth’s North Texas Institute for Career Development (NTI) and soon found herself working there as a part-time admin. Part-time turned to full-time and now she serves NTI as the Program Supervisor.
“After feeling so hopeless encountering set back after set back, Goodwill gave me a chance to accomplish something and help get my family back on track,” says Ulrica.
Ulrica is an important part of the Goodwill family and has been for 6 years now. Goodwill is just as thankful for her as she is for it!

NOTE: As originally posted on Goodwill Industries of  Fort Worth, Inc.