My Story: Nick Marich

I injured my back on September 19, 1995. I was a heavy equipment mechanic, and I was put out of work because I couldn’t do that type of work anymore.  From that point, I got hooked up with an outfit called Rehab Services, a place that helps people with disabilities find employment.

I went down and talked to this woman, and she basically hooked me up with Goodwill Industries Vocational Enterprises here in Duluth, MN. I currently work in the store. The name for my current job is materials handler, but I’ve worked in a few different departments. I built boxes for LaBounty manufacturing in Two Harbors, MN. I worked on the presorting belt, and then I finally got hired on at the store. I also do shipping and receiving to all 13 of the outlying stores.

So basically when you donate your used items, you’re creating a job for someone like me and others that are here as well. I am on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), so this is some extra money. It gets me out of the house, and it’s a job that they have tailored to my disability.

This has been a pretty good fit for me because it’s hard to find employment if you have a severe back injury, as I do. The staff takes pretty good care of you. I have an excellent case manager who helps me with anything that I really need – like social security stuff and paperwork.

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  1. Nick Maricch, you are definitely correct that once you have a severe back injury job placement is hard. I to have major back issues as 11 years ago I got hurt on the job. At this time it herniated 2 disk’s (1 in my neck *C4-C5″ and lower back *L4-l5*)and I was put out of work. However, I have recently went back to school to earn a degree in the medical field. I am praying that with the background I have in private care settings and wound care settings that after completion of my degree I will be able to find work that is within reason that I may be able to commit to doing. But I just wanted to comment on your story as, I to know how difficult it can be finding a job that you CAN do with the health issues of your back injury and it is extremely difficult to find the “perfect job” when you have back issues. I am glad to hear you was able to receive this through Goodwill Company.


  2. I’ve always had really bad social anxiety I had to do community service which I did at goodwill, during the time I spent at goodwill I felt my social anxiety starting to go away. So after I finished my community service I put in an application hoping to hear something. Once I finally got in I no longer had social anxiety goodwill has helped me find myself and become more comfortable. I always seek helping someone who needs it. I’d like to thank goodwill for giving me this opportunity and making me who I am today

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