My Story: Nikkinta Murphy

Before I came to Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina, I didn’t understand how to make good choices. My life was in shambles. I was just released from prison, and I needed a job.

I wasn’t prepared for the amount of help I got from Project Re-entry.  I thought it would be just another how-to: “You can do this,” or “you can do that.” They actually helped me work on my self-confidence first before they even taught me the first job skill.

I had never really known how to properly look for a job. I learned from Project Re-Entry how to fill out an application, how to dress when going to an interview, how to conduct yourself and how to follow up after the interview. That’s actually what got me the job that I have now.

I’m currently employed at Carolina Narrow Fabric Company. I am a quality control technician.

I learned several tools at Goodwill that I felt like I hadn’t learned before. Other organizations didn’t take the time to build that confidence in order for me to feel confident enough to use the skills out in the field.

I would say to the people who have ever been in a bad spot: never give up on yourself, no matter what happens. If you’ve made any bad choices, before you can move forward, you’ve got to forgive yourself and find acceptance within yourself. You want to move forward? Just keep pushing forward.

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