My Story: Robert Johns

Before I began working at Goodwill, I was trying my best to take care of my family and recover from the recent passing of my father. I was looking for another job, and the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) referred me to Goodwill.

The staff at Goodwill helped me prepare and find work. Goodwill offered me a job, where I learned cleaning for the first time. I cleaned restrooms and the break rooms at Goodwill. I even learned to clean the local baseball stadium and to power wash buildings.

Once the power washing in the stadium ended, I was offered a position as a dock attendant. It was tricky at first, but I just kept trying and trying, and soon I started to get better.

I really take pride in my work. I can help people find the things that they need and make the store look really nice.  I have learned a lot at Goodwill and hope to work here for years to come.

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