My Story – Ryan Barleston

Hi, my name is Ryan Barelston Jr. In 2009, I was referred to Goodwill® in Buffalo by VESID (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities). I didn’t have a job. I was working for a temp agency, and it wasn’t working out. I was going to Erie Community College, but I didn’t have any financial aid. I came to Goodwill for some help. I had a baby on the way, and I was happy, but I wanted to be a more serious, responsible parent.

ryan_barleston_1At Goodwill, I learned to come to work on time and work on my reading skills. They helped me to get into security training. In 2010, I got a job working at U.S. Security, and now I am doing security work at many locations.

I love my job. I am very happy. I am more serious and motivated and a good role model for my four-year-old son.

I want to thank Goodwill for taking the time and helping me out. I would refer more people to come to get some help. I love to put on a uniform every day, and my goal is to be a federal security agent and be a court officer.

Thank you very much Goodwill.