My Story: Vander Cherry

In the 12th grade, I realized opportunities were starting to fade away from me, so my teachers sat me down and they made me sign an application for Goodwill Industries of Greater Washington’s program, Project Search.

I worked with two job coaches. They taught me how to dress well, how to walk in a professional manner, how to be respectful for others and how to be on point for internships.  I did three different internships, and I did a final one in federal student loans.

I got a job, and they taught me how to hang in there when the workplace gets stressful and you feel tension. You still need to be able to walk in there with your head up and do your job no matter what’s going on at home or what’s going on at work. You’re just there to do your job and make a difference in the organization you’re working with.

Goodwill® made me realize that you could do something that seems impossible even if you have a low reading level or if you’re still trying to work on a couple of things.

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