My Story: Will Place

I was born with brittle bones.  It is called Osteogenesis imperfecta which is a softening of the bones. My bones did not get enough calcium in my mothers womb, and I was born with 36 broken bones.

When I was 10-11, I was up to 100 broken bones. Randomly I could cough and fracture my ribs; it was pretty awful.  When I was 17, I was diagnosed with bone cancer, called osteosarcoma. Going through chemo and cancer changed my life as well.  I had to get my left arm removed and part of my shoulder.  I finished out chemo by the time my 18th birthday came around.

I actually got into Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers this year through my school. Being with Goodwill has actually made me more independent.  I train at a call center, and they have a table that cranks so it can go lower or higher as I need it. I have a  miniature keyboard and I use a ball mouse it’s like a lot easier for me. When I finish high school and am able to get into the workforce there will be more opportunities.

Goodwill has changed my life for the simple fact I actually have a job interview coming up soon.  I have filled out so many applications and I often don’t know if they don’t want to hire me because they are afraid and think, ‘He is in a wheelchair and he has all these problems, how are we going to do this?.’ My dream is to be a counselor. I like to hear people’s problems. People say I am a good listener and understanding.

No matter the situation that people put me in I can adapt because I’ve had to adapt my whole life. I am an outgoing person.  No matter if I’m sad or if I’m just down in the dumps,  there will always be a smile on my face.  You can guarantee that.