April’s Good Links

Each month, the Social Good Blog highlights news and resources on a specific topic. In April, we are exploring the opportunities and challenges related to sustainability.

Businesses have been talking about sustainability for years. McKinsey synthesizes some of the most sought after information in the Profits with Purpose report, which details the organizational components of a successful program as the firm interviewed 40 company executives in addition to experts in the field to determine which practices are most efficient.

Now let’s say you’ve been tasked with creating an action plan for assessing how your organization is achieving its news goals. This shorter piece from Harvard Business Review includes a sample scorecard that you can share with your leadership team today. The chart takes into account the Triple Bottom Line through every level of planning.

If you’re ready to step away from the strategy side of sustainability for a moment, check out Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt. Through compelling short clips and visuals, viewers will learn about the complex process of producing what most of us view as a basic garment as it impacts the lives of  people involved around the world.

Finally, If you haven’t already, you should be factoring technology and millennials into your business strategy. According to Elizabeth Boggs of the Multilateral Investment Fund, “Socially conscious customers and idealistic employees are applauding companies’ ability to do good as part of their profit-making strategy. With social media capable of reaching millions instantly, companies want to be on the right side of capitalism’s power.” Read more about how some of the world’s largest companies have recently incorporated these elements.