Fixing Up Goodwill® Finds For The Holidays

From shoes to sweaters to school supplies, we all know that Goodwill® has just about anything you could ever dream of. But sometimes, that gorgeous pair of heels staring at you from the shelf needs a little help to bounce back to the glamor of their glory days. Today, let’s check out some of the ways that others have fixed up their Goodwill finds for the holiday season.

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This week, Fashion of Goodwill shared a few style tips that make me excited to scope out the shoe section once again. I must admit that I’ve sometimes been too intimidated by scuffs on otherwise pretty pumps and I’ve ended up walking away from a purchase that I probably would have been really pleased with just because of those dreaded marks. Never again! Now that I know the secret to removing scuffs from patent leather and stains from suede, I’ll be more willing to take the plunge when I spot a great pair of well-loved shoes. The best part about these tips is that you probably already have the supplies you’ll need hanging around the house. Head on over to get the details so you can fix your kicks before the next holiday party arrives!

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But looking your best isn’t always the aim during the holiday season, is it? You know what I’m referring to: the infamous Holiday Sweater Party. Sometimes glamor isn’t the goal, but instead, the most outrageously-dressed guest is the one who takes the (fruit)cake. Swing into your local Goodwill to grab an already over-the-top sweater and don’t be afraid to doctor it further like the lovely lady in the picture above. Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, Inc. (Menasha) is actually hosting a Holiday Sweater photo contest on their Facebook page so even if you didn’t get invited to a sweater party this year, you can still enjoy the silliness of this virtual one. For any regulars of Goodwill NCW who might be reading this, I would highly suggest entering the contest. Otherwise, vote for your favorite sweater – I did!

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Party bound this weekend? Don’t forget to bring a host/hostess gift! To keep costs low, shop Goodwill for supplies with which you can create handmade presents like the repurposed ruler tree pictured above (although, you may love it so much that you can’t let it go…). Check out this post from Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, Inc. (Fort Worth) for more DIY gift ideas that will help you transform your finds into festive décor or practical paraphernalia for everyone on your list.

Have fun updating your finds this weekend! The holiday season can be so memorable when time and effort go into each gift you give and every new purchase you make. Don’t forget that by supporting your local Goodwill, you are also supporting their mission, which is to fund direct services for millions of people annually and results in positive social and environmental outcomes for the global community. You’re not just shopping, you’re helping. Keep up the great work!