Fresno State Kicks Off Goodwill® Donation Drive with Flash Mob

Fresno State students hold Donate Movement flash mob.Fresno State University students jump-started their campus-wide donation drive on Monday, October 24, with a flash mob and rally (video below). Working alongside the Goodwill of San Joaquin Valley (Stockton, CA), service learning students from the Craig School of Business teamed up with Fresno State’s University Student Union and the Break the Barriers community organization to support the Donate Movement.

The event included a choreographed flash mob style dance to the Donate Movement theme song. Students sported t-shirts with the Donate icon and brought branded bags with clothing donations to show their support of Goodwill®.

“Donations help the environment by allowing other people to repurpose items headed for landfills,” Fresno student Shawna Blair, USU Productions coordinator, said.

The main objective of service learning is to allow students to become engaged in community service, and experience aspects of cause-related marketing. This is the second year that students from the Craig School of Business have chosen to work with the Goodwill of San Joaquin Valley. Their preparation for the donation drive included spending time at the local Goodwill in order to fully experience and understand Goodwill’s mission.

Last year, the Fresno drive filled eight triwall containers of product from 78 drive-up donations and 12 bins on campus. It also helped the San Joaquin Valley Goodwill identify new ADC locations around the campus community.

 “Working with Fresno State and other colleges enables us to introduce our mission and global initiative – Donate Movement to students,” noted Earl Brown, manager of business development at Goodwill Industries of San Joaquin Valley.

 “This partnership not only achieves immediate results in the way of donations, more importantly, it provides an experience for students who will remember Goodwill as they enter management roles with companies in the future.”