Good Links for May

Each month, the Social Good Blog highlights news and resources on a specific topic. In May, we are exploring the future of employment.

The Lumina Foundation aims to connect our talent shortage with the need for higher education by providing an interactive report which details how each state prioritizes postsecondary attainment. There are currently 26 states with attainment goals. Find out if yours is one of them.

Workforce experts tend to agree that organizations will need to adapt their current structure of work to meet the needs of the emerging workforce. To this point, Harvard Business Journal suggests that organizations will fall into at least one of four categories with different approaches to “strategy, talent and work.” Read more here.

Youth unemployment continues to be a massive topic of conversation in the U.S as well as around the world.  However, the key to improving the job outlook for younger generations may lie in positive youth development.

Older women have become an extremely powerful segment of the U.S. population. According to the Wall Street Journal, “In 1992, one in 12 women worked past age 65. That number is now around one in seven.” Find out why and how this change will continue to impact the country’s economy.

Finally, the Institute for the Future predicts what sort of drivers will influence the workforce landscape in 2020. Skills associated with these factors include computational thinking, virtual collaboration and a design mindset. Take a look at a map of the organization’s forecasts.