Good Links for October

Each month, the Social Good Blog highlights news and resources on a specific topic. In October, we are discussing best practices related to cause marketing that are beneficial for corporations, nonprofit organizations and the people they serve. 

For nonprofits just getting started, this article makes the case for why partnerships could help strengthen a preexisting marketing plan.  By the end, readers know who benefits (and how) from these engagements.

CauseGood teaches cause marketing 101 with a breakdown of campaign types such as event sponsorship and license agreement.  Each category also includes an example of what big brands have done in recent years, for further reinforcement.

Once you have the basics down, head over to Harvard Business Review and see which specific components make for an effective campaign. Hint: You can bet that social media and visual storytelling are a part of the equation.

Looking to the future, The Balance highlights industry trends and  stresses that corporate sponsorship and cause-related marketing will only continue to grow (expected to surpass the $2 billion mark this year, according to Cause Marketing Forum). The most eye-catching, but not surprising forecast may be that companies will begin to implement behavioral changes on their consumers.

Finally, Goodwill Industries International’s own Senior Marketing Director Ryan Kuhn discusses how what started as an innovative local partnership with Uber became a national success, resulting in the nonprofit collecting 250,000 pounds of clothes across the U.S.