Little Rock Goodwill Assists Residents with Health Care Enrollment

Health care choicesGoodwill Industries of Arkansas (Little Rock) is offering Arkansans who qualify the opportunity to enroll in free or low-cost health insurance plans at select area Goodwill retail stores.

The collaboration with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield began on November 11 with Blue Cross and Blue Shield staff visiting 12 Little Rock Goodwill locations on specific days of the week. Arkansas Blue Cross experts will be at the participating stores to share more information about the new health care law and health plans now available to Arkansans who meet income requirements. Currently, more than a quarter-million uninsured adults in Arkansas are eligible for free or low-cost health insurance due to the new laws.

“Goodwill gives people a hand up, not a hand out so they can reach their highest potential,” said Brian Itzkowitz, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Arkansas. “We believe educating and helping people access free or low-cost health care coverage can improve the lives of individuals, families and communities.”

In May, the state legislature expanded the Medicaid program, enabling 250,000 additional residents to qualify for Medicaid. Arkansas Blue Cross has been working with nonprofit organizations throughout the state to raise awareness and help low-income Arkansans find free or low-cost coverage.

“We are honored to collaborate with Goodwill Industries of Arkansas in helping provide Arkansans with health insurance coverage,” said Karen Raley, vice president of communications and product development for Arkansas Blue Cross.

“Arkansans without insurance face barriers in accessing quality health care and necessary medications. Our certified agents will guide those whom Goodwill serves every day through the eligibility and enrollment process so that they can get coverage to help take better care of themselves, which in turn supports their ability to take good care of their families,” she concluded.