Settle into the Season with DIY Halloween Décor Inspiration

Hocus Pocus is rolling on my TV, a plate of fresh pumpkin doughnuts adorns my countertop, and leaves skitter eerily on the pavement outside my window; it must be October! It sure sounds and smells like Halloween, but inside my home, it doesn’t really look like it yet. I’ve been thinking so much about my costume that I haven’t given a lot of thought to the atmosphere I want to create this October. One of the best things about a change in seasons, in my opinion, is making the most of each one by embracing its unique qualities. Before I get started on décor, though, I’ll need a little inspiration.

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In the world of Halloween decorations, there are a lot of different paths a person could take. Seeing as I don’t have kids (yet!), and I’m not running my own haunted house, when decorating my home I tend to go for slightly fancy vignettes that are also useful. Basically, this candy display tablescape by Sarah Carlson of Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota (Saint Paul) is right up my alley; her easy DIY creates a definite Halloween air without being too cutesy or too spooky. Plus, it’s a functional candy dispenser (just set it up on the porch) for when trick-or-treaters come around and it only takes a few minutes to make – perfect!

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Then there are those people who are very serious about keeping Halloween scary (like my husband). If this sounds like you, then you will probably be looking for projects more along the lines of this one from the blog Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks (which author Derek Ash redubs “Goodwill Haunting 4 Geeks” every October). “The thing in the jar” was created after a quick trip to Derek’s local Goodwill and when all was said and done only a few dollars were spent. This creepy curiosity would fit right into a haunted house, don’t you think?

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But these are just two of the décor schemes that you might select for your home this Halloween. If you’re throwing a kids party, you may instead want to keep it cute (think smiling bats and adorable mummies) or for a grown up theme party you might pick a time period – like Victorian – so visitors feel like they’re stepping through time when they arrive! I love how Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana (Indianapolis) has chosen to curate images from all of these themes on their Halloween DIY Décor pinboard. In so doing, they have created a truly inspiring little corner of the internet and I’m now very eager to get some new displays set up!

Good luck to you on your Halloween haunts, no matter which theme you choose or what your occasion may be. Don’t forget to swing by a Goodwill store near you to pick up supplies because when you do that you’ll be joining Goodwill in helping to empower youth with the confidence and courage to make positive choices in your community. You’ll take home some tricks and your community gets a treat! Supporting Goodwill is an easy way to make a difference this October.