3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Earth Day is next week and now is the perfect opportunity to assess your environmental impact. The great news is that making positive environmental changes can be easy. While swapping your car for a bike or covering your roof with solar panels would be amazing progress, you can still make a huge difference with your smaller day-to-day habits. Just think about the lifecycle of the objects like clothes, decor, and any necessities in your home. If you can limit your product consumption to used items and make sure that you responsibly dispose of them when you’re done, then you’ll dramatically decrease the resources you’re using up and, thus, the impact you’re making on the planet. Here are some fun examples of how people just like you green their homes and attire…
 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Image via thriftanistainthecity.com
Blogger Troy, a.k.a. Thriftanista in the City, heavily emphasizes styling second-hand clothes in her chic and motivating posts. The 3 Rs in Fashion explores how the reduce, reuse, recycle practices apply to what we wear. She notes that keeping your closet earth-friendly could be as simple as donating clothes you’ll no longer wear to Goodwill to be reused by someone else or thinking of new ways you can re-wear pieces you already have to extend their life in your closet. Click through for more ideas and plenty of thrift shopping inspiration!
Turn old shirts into cleaning cloths
Image via craftster.org
In the Reuse section of Troy’s blog post, she mentions turning old t-shirts into cleaning cloths. You may be wondering how that works or what it looks like so I found the perfect example shared on Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina, Inc. (Greensboro)’s Earth Day Every Day pinboard. The crafty maker of these dishcloths turned a few of her t-shirts into jersey yarn then knitted them just as she would with regular yarn. Their texture would be perfect for scrubbing pots and pans or for general cleaning around the house. Don’t want to rip into your own t-shirt stash? Thrift some from Goodwill! Creative reuse of second-hand items is highly encouraged.
Twig Votives
Image via fossil.com
When it comes to environmentally-conscious home furnishings, making your own custom decor from found and used items is the perfect way to merge the Earth with the Earth-friendly. These whimsical twig votives would add a lovely rustic mood to a mantel or centerpiece display. Plus, they’re easy as pie! All you need to do is collect some fallen sticks and glue them onto thrifted glassware. Follow Goodwill Industries of New Mexico (Albuquerque)’s DIY with Goodwill Finds pinboard for more easy crafting ideas like this!
At Goodwill, extending the life of used objects to help the environment is one of our missions. And that goes for textiles, glassware, and almost any other used objects you can think of — even technology! Through Goodwill’s Dell Reconnect program, which began in 2004, Goodwill organizations who are partners have collectively diverted more than 427 million pounds of computers and computer equipment from landfills. That’s an incredible feat! And it’s all possible because people like you donate to and shop at our stores. Keep up the good work this Earth Day and every day!