3 Tips to Spread Holiday Cheer

When it comes to holiday cheer, the people around us will vary from one end of the spectrum (i.e. Buddy the elf) to the other (the Grinch before he discovers the real meaning of Christmas). As we go about our lives at home, at work, and anywhere else our routine takes us between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, we ourselves may even drift between delight from the tinkling of sleigh bells and misery when that one. annoying. song. comes on the radio yet again. So today I wanted to mention three quick tips that will help you get the most out of the upcoming season by enjoying its generous spirit and spreading holiday cheer.

Image via goodwillakron.org

Tip 1: Make yourself a festive holiday sweater. This might be the most fun tip because there is literally no wrong way to do it! For anyone who thrives with guidelines, I would suggest checking out this step-by-step tutorial from Abby over at Goodwill Industries of Akron, Inc. because she lays out a super simple method for creating a customized sweater. If you work well by trial and error, this is still the perfect activity for you; when the goal is an eye-catching sweater, you don’t need to worry about messing up! So just go ahead and get this project out of the way now at the beginning of the season so you can accept invites to any spontaneous parties. With such a stunning sweater in hand, you’ll also be prepared to quickly turn it around if a blue Christmas starts sneaking in. Need to cheer up others? Even the scroogiest Scrooge will smile when they see you embarrassing yourself for the amusement of others!

Image via rookiemag.com

Tip 2: Give small gifts more frequently. ‘Tis the season of giving so I challenge you to think about the joy that you feel when someone unexpected remembers you at this time of the year. Whether it’s an aunt with whom you’ve lost touch or a neighbor who’s unlike you in just about every way, now’s your chance to pay that good feeling forward. You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money because, as we know, it is the thought that counts. Rookie Magazine has a fantastic list of little somethings that can be found quickly at a thrift store, made easily into a handmade gift, and passed right along to brighten someone’s day. There’s no need to wait for Hanukkah or Christmas day, you have the opportunity to make someone smile today!

Image via facebook.com/Goodwill-Niagara-1409966809238287

Tip 3: Buy your holiday decorations from Goodwill and you’ll help create jobs. Goodwill Industries Niagra (Saint Catharines, ON) reminded me on Facebook that since Goodwill’s business model is to sell donated goods then invest those funds back into local communities with job training, when you support Goodwill you are also supporting your neighbors (and saving money!). In fact, every 23 seconds someone gets a job through the help of Goodwill. Quality, steady income might be the best gift of all this holiday season and you can be the one to give it! Just imagine the joy that would bring to a family that has been struggling to make ends meet. What a wonderful – and easy – way to spread cheer!
What’s your favorite way to bring light into another person’s life during the holidays? Let’s not let this season pass without making an effort to put a smile on someone’s face whether that’s with a silly outfit, a thoughtful gift, a beneficial purchase, or a phone call simply to say, “I’m thinking of you.” Happy holidays!