Bookworms Rejoice: Storage Solutions for Your Abundant Collection

Any bibliophile knows how a rare edition of their favorite book (even if they already own two other versions) is a necessary purchase, and how although I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that gorgeous tome just NEEDS a new home (on my bookshelf) right now. It’s these struggles that often get us into trouble with spouses or square footage. But in my mind, excessive book buying is okay if we can just find the perfect spot. Am I right? Here are a few tips I’ve learned along my way through life as a chronic book buyer.

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If you can find the right spot, it can stay. I’ve bought many books that have come home with me only to be kicked around from nightstand to kitchen counter to coffee table and are eventually booted right out the door again by my minimalist husband. Goodwill just has such an incredible selection of stories that I have a hard time leaving the store without at least one. Heather of The Décor Fix has really helped me learn how to visualize cohesive and convenient methods for storing novels with this blog post she wrote on bookshelf styling. Did you know there are actually seven different ways to stack books? I didn’t! As she points out, a vignette will look too heavy if books dominate its shelf. Instead, she suggests balancing each shelf by spreading books into mini-groups, stacked at least two different ways, and including other objects around them in layers. Click through to read more before your next book-buying binge!

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So what about the works you bought because the covers were so gorgeous or the title sounded great, but once you cracked the spine you realized they were duds? If you truly want them around and you’re sure you’ll never read them again a DIY project would be the perfect solution to make space on your shelves but still keep them as display pieces in your home. I’ve seen a lot of projects that utilize book pages or just the covers as materials, but my favorite thing about this project that I found on Goodwill Industries of Denver‘s “DIY Projects We Love” Pinterest board is that the books almost in their entirety can embellish your favorite reading light! Although you may never want to read them again, they’ll still contribute to every lovely evening that you spend nestled up reading in the future. Don’t worry about buying the lamp kit, though – scope out the lighting section of Goodwill and bring an old desktop light back to life while you’re at it!

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Now if you’re trying to break the bookworm addiction, stop reading now. This is a warning! I’m about to make it a little too easy for you to find new books at a great price. Still reading? Then I guess you’re ready for this information: Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne) spilled the details on their website about how you can buy Goodwill books online through eBay and Amazon. That means you can fuel your addiction from the comfort of home while STILL supporting Goodwill’s incredible projects like their job training programs, which meet the needs of local employers in high-growth industries. Don’t hate me for enabling, but I just had to share that secret!

Do you have any other great tips for displaying and storing books in your home? Since I’m always buying more, I’m constantly looking for fresh ways to house them. Happy reading, bookworms!