Design Classics Await at Goodwill®

Some things never change—and for good reason! When a design is neutral enough to compliment a wide array of lifestyles and personality types, but unique enough to not just blend in, that perfect element won’t soon go out of style. Today, let’s celebrate some of the greatest designs of all time the same way we celebrate everything else… by thrifting, of course!

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Husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames turned the world of design upside down in the middle of the last century when they pioneered innovative and truly beautiful solutions for human needs like housing and furniture. Using fascinating technology, they were able to rethink the way people live, work, and relax which brought some very recognizable design elements, like the Eames lounge and ottoman, to life. On their Amazing Finds Pinboard, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago reported that a replica of this well-loved design was for sale in one of their stores. Even just looking at the picture you can tell that it would fit perfectly into the Eames House itself or today’s average American living room making it a design classic that has earned its spot at the top!

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Over on Instagram, Tara White shared a gorgeous thrifted tulip table that she rescued with a little Rustoleum and her styling expertise! If the table seems familiar, too, that’s because this iconic furnishing designed by Eero Saarinen in the mid-1950s has also become a classic piece. Although very modern, the clean, smooth lines can complement a pared down atomic aesthetic or – maybe with a sheepskin and some soft lighting nearby – a cozy, textured home. In the photo above you can see that Tara has added rustic and Eastern touches that also harmonize perfectly with the table. Over the years, many companies have created their own pieces that are clearly inspired by the Tulip group from Saarinen which means that you can occasionally find them (either the real thing or the knock-offs) in Goodwill stores. If you do, don’t pass it up! This polished table is guaranteed to add interest to your space for many more decades.

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I know I’ve touched on this next item before, but it just didn’t feel right for me to talk about classic design without again mentioning the little black dress. Whoever first stitched up a sleek, dark, forgiving frock completely nailed it and, thanks to Coco Chanel in the 1920s and Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s, the rest of the world also recognizes the virtues of the LBD design. Just ask our friends over at Goodwill of San Diego County as they’ve highlighted the versatility of this ubiquitous piece of apparel in one of their blog posts! The article is dedicated to sharing tips for styling a little black dress for many different occasions. One suggestion that they share (which I love!) is to try styling your hair differently! We often get into the habit of wearing the same hairstyle all the time, but a chic chignon à la Holly Golightly will create a very different look than, say, long, luxe waves thus allowing the wearer to rework her little black dress over and over again!

It’s time to hear from you! What classic designs – in furniture, fashion, or anything – do you think will never go out of style? For me, I hope it’s Goodwill. This organization has a rich history as a social enterprise since its beginnings in 1902. As a unique hybrid called a social enterprise, Goodwill defies traditional distinctions. Instead of a single bottom line of profit, Goodwill holds itself accountable to a triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance. With more than 100 years under its belt and hundreds of thousands of people helped annually, I’m sure Goodwill has earned the right to call itself a classic.