DIY Zombie Target Game

Need a fun and easy game to play with the kids this Halloween? Make your own “Zombie Target Game” with a thrifted frame and a little help from Goodwill!

  • Frame
  • Poster or paper for background
  • Printable Targets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Toy “ammo” – Foam or suction darts

Step 1: Start with a thrifted frame and remove the backing. For this example, our frame size was 16×20.
Step 2: Use the either the backing or the glass to help fit your background paper/poster board by tracing the outline. Cut to fit.
Step 3: Print a set of targets and carefully cut each piece out. (You can download these targets here – smaller sizes available!)
Step 4: Once your pieces are cut, use a glue stick to adhere them to your background.
Step 5: Place your finished project back inside the frame with the backing and find the perfect place to hang.
You can play with your target game using foam or suction darts or any toy “ammo” that sticks. A functional addition to your spooky décor, and great for Halloween parties!