Easy DIY Gifts for your Workplace Cohorts

The holidays are hard enough when you have a large network of family and friends to buy for, but adding colleagues or your kids’ teachers into the mix can be downright distressing! Never fear—we’re here to help! Here are some gift ideas for the bosses, officemates, and teachers in your life…
For the teacher: Homemade “Friday Night Fizz” bath bombs


– Thrifted mason jars
– Thrifted plastic fillable ornaments or Easter eggs
– Bath bomb ingredients
– Paint and/or chalkboard paint for lids
– Paintbrush
– Paint pen or chalk/chalk pen
– Thrifted yarn or twine
– Evergreen sprig
After a long week of grading papers, lesson planning, and inspiring the next generation, teachers need a way to unwind. Kicking back in a warm tub with a glass of wine and the soothing scents of essential oils will be super appreciated! Don’t bother buying special bath bomb molds you’ll only use once. Instead, hit Goodwill® in search of fillable plastic ornaments or Easter eggs. While you’re there, stock up on the world’s most versatile find: the mason jar. It’s a quick and easy way to giftwrap your bath bombs which could crumble in or oil-stain regular wrapping materials.
Search online for an easy-to-follow bath bomb tutorial to get you started. Projects like this that you can prepare in bulk are a fantastic way to take care of many people on your list, and bath bombs can be used in the shower, too! Once your bath bombs are ready, split them up into customized mason jars. If you paint the lid with chalkboard paint, it can be relabeled easily as an organizer after the bath bombs have been used.
For your boss: “Boss Lady” nail studded name plate


– Thrifted wooden block/paperweight/small sign
– Paint
– Paint brush
– Sandpaper (optional)
– Painters, masking, or washi tape
– Small nails
– Hammer
– Needle nose pliers
– Tweezers
– Print out of your phrase
Of course, you could also write “Head Honcho” or whatever applies! The fun part of projects like this is that they’re completely customizable and add a casual air to an environment that can sometimes be stressful. Bosses are notoriously hard to buy for simply because of the nature of professional relationships, but if they have a desk then they could use a name plate! Even if you only feel comfortable writing their actual name, a name plate is still a thoughtful, inexpensive homemade gift.
To start, print out the text you want to use in the correct size and font. The bigger the font is, the clearer the final product will be (After finishing mine, I wish I had sized up). Secure the page in place with easy-to-remove tape. If necessary, use your pliers to hold the nails as you hammer (this helps you get in tight spots and saves your fingers!) to create connect-the-dots style letters with one nail immediately after the last. When the letters are completely covered, rip the paper away. Use tweezers to get any little paper scraps that are sticking under nails.
For your office mate: Refinished wooden desk organizers


– Small thrifted bowls or boxes
– Paint
– Paintbrush
– Painter’s tape
– Sandpaper (optional)
– Wood conditioner (or make your own with beeswax and olive oil!)
When you spend 40 hours a week with your officemates, gifts during the holiday season seem necessary. To keep the work environment fresh, it’s nice to update it with useful decor. Little desk organizers like this are ideal for wrangling paperclips, tacks, and any other mischievous office supplies that tend to wander.
Wipe the bowl down so you can start with a clean surface. When it’s dry, tape off the section you want to paint. Scuffing this area up with sandpaper will help the paint adhere, but you might be able to skip this step if it’s unfinished or super well-loved. Wipe down the bowl again to remove any dust from sanding. If sanding scuffed up the painter’s tape, too, carefully replace it with a fresh piece to keep the line crisp between the painted and wooden parts. After your bowl has dried, add paint. You may want to do a couple of coats before peeling the tape and wrapping up these new gifts!
When you head in to work on Monday morning, equipped with gifts for the whole team, don’t forget that although it may not always feel like it, work itself is a gift. You thought you were here just to read about gift ideas for individual people, right? Turns out that by supporting Goodwill this holiday season, you’re simultaneously bringing happiness to others within your community who, like Shawnteal Turner, have found employment through Goodwill’s services. You can also fight for employment opportunities by donating to Goodwill or giving a financial gift this holiday season. ‘Tis the season of giving and with these thoughtful presents, you’re definitely doing your part!