Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day With A Creative Gift From Goodwill®

Did you know that 56% of Americans would enjoy receiving second hand gifts? According to this survey, there has been an uptick in fashion waste awareness, especially in older millennials, who fall under the category of welcoming the idea of giving and getting a thrifted present. In 2019, the survey found that consumers spent just as much or more on presents than they had in previous years. This is despite growing alarm at the environmental impact their fast fashion purchases and shipping emissions could have. Instead of contributing to this environmental waste this Valentine’s Day, show your love for the planet and your significant other and shop for your gifts second-hand at your local Goodwill store. This will not only be beneficial to the environment, but also your wallet, since you’ll be paying way less than retail prices while also saving on shipping costs as well.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve got presents on our mind. If you’ve been together with your significant other for a while and have decided to give gifts to each other on Valentine’s Day this year, we know that this can be a little bit stressful, and it can get expensive. Through gifts, you’re able to profess your love to your person and show them how well you know them by giving them something they like. Maybe they mentioned something they wanted months ago and you wanted to get it for them to show them that you were listening and care about what they were saying. Maybe you want to get them something that’s a complete surprise, or plan something like a date night instead of a physical gift. The options are endless, but they don’t need to break the bank, especially if you decide to get creative and shop for a gift for your loved one at Goodwill.

I recently went into my local Goodwill to check out the gift giving options they had, and much to my delight discovered a large section full of games – many brand new with the wrapping still on them. This Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to plan a night in with your loved one. All you need to do is pick up a new game at your local Goodwill – many of the games I looked at were less than $10! – and think about cooking a meal to go along with it. Depending on your budget this year, if you have some leftover, you might want to check out the clothing section within your local Goodwill, to find your loved one some new pieces that would fit perfectly into their wardrobe, while also not breaking the bank.

Does your significant other appreciate a good designer label? Do you wish you could indulge them in a designer outfit but think it might be beyond your budget? Think again! After a quick shopping trip to Goodwill, here are some of the incredible brands I found – some even had the original tags on them, meaning they were brand new when they were donated and they won’t even look thrifted when given as gifts. I know I’d be a happy girl if any of these showed up with a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day!

You can find some incredible pieces for incredible prices at Goodwill. Some will be brand new with tags still attached and others will be well-loved and donated so they can be worn again second-hand. When it comes to gift giving, you should focus on what you think looks the most like something your SO would want, while also trying to find something that they’ll look good in. Especially if you want to spoil them with a some great designer clothing this Valentine’s Day, I can’t suggest enough to stop by your local Goodwill store and check out what they have on the racks. You’ll find something really special for that special someone, I know I did!